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Welcome to Padre’s Kitchen

My name is Keith and welcome to my food blog


About me

I  started my early working life as a chef and apart from various interludes to try other things I continued with this until my mid thirties. During that time I worked in and run various restaurants and catering establishments.. In my mid thirties while managing a youth hostel and restaurant in Wales with my wife we decided to take a new direction in our career.  Although it is no longer provides my daily bread, cooking still remains an important part of my life. I love developing new recipes for my family and friends to enjoy. Friends and family are always asking me to share recipes so I thought this seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch Padre’s Kitchen. Although it will be mainly a recipe blog it will also contain other food related articles as they arise including helpful food related tips and maybe the occasional restaurant review. Even people who like cooking like to have a break and be cooked for.

Why Padre’s Kitchen?

Padre has a double meaning for me. Padre is the Spanish word for Father and I am a dad. Also Padre is the name give to Chaplains within the forces and I am ordained and a volunteer chaplain of a local Air Training Corps squadron. I do the majority of cooking for my family so it is defiantly Dad’s Kitchen.


Cooking on a budget

The Soil Association says that if you choose organic you choose products that promote a better world. Well I wholeheartedly agree with that and if the vegetables I eat at home are taken from our garden they most certainly will be organic. The problem comes when I go out to the shop to buy groceries. I along with a high population of the world cannot afford to buy organic fruit and vegetables. I know the argument when we all start buying them the price will come down but if I start buying them I will just go hungry because my budget will just not stretch that far. So my philosophy is quite simple.  I encourage you to do what you can, buy organic if you can, buy high welfare meat if you can, but if you can’t don’t let anybody make you feel guilty you still need to eat.


My Recipes

Recipes usually fall into one of four categories. Traditional (no one knows of its origins or it was so long ago no one person can claim it as theirs),  Copied (someone else’s recipe used exactly as the original),  Invention (total new and often innovative invention of a recipe). Reinvention (a traditional or someone else’s recipe with ingredients changed or a complete change of its construction or presentation) These days very few recipes are created from scratch, most are just reinvented. Even among the top Michelin stared chefs reinvention is probably the more common practice and there is nothing in the slightest wrong with this. Some of the tops chefs do invent new recipes and cooking techniques from scratch but this is becoming harder and harder to achieve. Also what they do and some will give credit and others won’t, is to use other chefs recipes exactly as they are written. My recipes are no different and most of my recipes fall into the reinvention category, although I do occasionally come up with something completely new.  If I use someone else’s recipe I will give them credit in the write up. Equally I will try to give as much history as I can to the traditional recipes.



All the photos in my recipes are of the food I have made and are not representational. Also unless stated otherwise all photos in my blog have been taken by me and I hold the copyright.

Talk to me

Please feel free to leave comments on my posts, I always enjoy discussing recipes, and even if you did not like them I would still love to hear from you.

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