Padre’s Kitchen Garden

Last year we made a small attempt to grow some of our own vegetables in our garden. Nothing big just tomatoes, potatoes in bags, mange tout, lettuce and some radish. We bought some miniature plastic greenhouses and I made some staging so we could put grow bags outside in the sun. 



The potatoes produced nothing and the tomatoes where semi successful producing some very sweet and red cherry tomatoes although I did have to make quite a lot of green tomato chutney with the larger ones that refused to ripen. The mange tout, lettuce and the radishes on the other hand were a big success, I did’t realize you can have too many radishes, but believe me you can.   

This year we have gone big.

We have turned the overgrown field next to the house into a kitchen garden. It has taken me two months of hard digging, but it was certainly worth all the hard work. 

Before the hard work

We planted the first early potatoes (Maris Bard) in late March and apart from one night of unexpected frozen weather that nearly wiped them out, they are now recuperating well. I built the soil up around them after after which it never froze again. Talk about bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Anyway lesson learned, when the met office gives an overnight temperature for our area I will always subtract 5 degrees. It always seems colder in our garden than the official weather forecast. We have now planted our main crop potatoes (King Edwards) and they are just popping through. Onions, Garlic, Broad beans, sweet corn, Climbing beans, Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli all adorn the garden beds and all seem to be fine. Around the corner from the Polly tunnel we have created some raised beds and sowed some carrots, celery, parsnips, beetroot and some turnips. We have also have tomatoes of two varieties, Gardeners Delight a semi cherry tomato and a beef tomato, cucumbers, courgettes.  and melon growing in our new Polly tunnel. And of course we have our old favorites the lettuce and radish. So watch this space and I hope to give you some fantastic recipes in Padre’s kitchen made from the ingredients grown in Padre’s Kitchen Garden.


It was hard work but pray that we are going to have a fantastic summer and a bountiful harvest maybe the the sweat, blood and all the tears will pay off. 


Well some of us worked hard.

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